injured person with wallet

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud

What is it?

Workers' compensation fraud happens when an employee claims an injury that either didn’t happen at all or occurred away from the workplace. Employers can also commit insurance fraud by under-reporting employee levels or misstating the type of duties performed.

What does it look like?

Some common workers' compensation insurance fraud schemes:

  • Claiming an injury well after an incident occurred
  • Receiving unnecessary medical treatment
  • Faking injuries, such as the infamous “slip and fall”
  • Claiming that an injury that occurred at home happened at work
  • Collecting workers’ compensation benefits long after an injury has healed

How can you help prevent it?

  • Be mindful of injuries that occur at the workplace
  • Understand the coverage provided by your employer and learn what is covered by your workers’ compensation
  • Don’t collect workers’ compensation after an injury has healed
  • Report any injury to an employer as soon as you are able to
  • Ask your employer to install video equipment so that there is clear evidence in the event of an accident